how do i verify my age and tonage og a carrier unit

50qeh018401 Model

1489z16199 Serial

model# 814023gssasscoe

serial# 88be23308

model# SSDHW0305307


Carrier - the first four numbers = the week and year.

14th week of 1989

The serial # you give matches the older Climate-MAster that went out of business in 1990 and has no relationship to Climate-Master USA.

After 1972 the first two digits indicate the age = 1988

I don’t have any info on Enercon - sorry.

018 would be a 1½ ton unit.

You need a Carrier De-coder Ring! :slight_smile:

Verify Age Of A Mcquay Heat Pump

Model# Cch048aets

Serial# 7sh27867