How do you inspect the garage door?

According to the Res. SOP:
2.10. Doors, Windows & Interior
I. The inspector shall:
D. inspect garage doors and garage door openers by operating
first by remote (if available), and then by the installed automatic
door control.

What is an “automatic” door control? Is that referring to the push button switch mounted usually on the wall? What’s automatic about a button?


Seems like you’ve gone over the SOP with a fine tooth comb. Kudos to you.

IMO, discussion of the SOP and how it should apply or suggestions for changes, improvements or clarification are better discussed in members only.

What would make the difference if we opened the door with the remote last?

I never…push the button without looking at the guides/springs/slides first.

I will actually open the door manually if all seems ok before operating the auto opener.

If you push the button, the door automatically goes down or up. You don’t have to walk over to the door and physically push it up or down since it’s automatic once that button is pushed.

If you say “Open Sesame” and the door opens, then that is an automatic door!:slight_smile:

According to the Res. SOP:
2.10. Doors, Windows & Interior
I. The inspector shall:
D. inspect garage doors and garage door openers by operating
first by remote (if available), and then by the installed automatic
door control.

The SOP requires you to operate the garage (ie. open and close) FIRST with the remote. You have to open the open the door with the remote FIRST.


And what happens legally if you do not follow the SOP? Are you exposing yourself to legal problems?

Now you’re just being silly.:frowning:

maybe a little with this particular examination of this SOP clause…
but the bigger point - the SOP is designed to protect us - it should be under constant scrutiny and evaluation. (without an emotional outbreak from those not interested in that task)

What would be the defense if you said that you followed the SOP but you opened up the garage door first with a button instead of a remote?

Is there some functional difference that happens with the remote vs. the button?

This is a minor technicality with no significant meaning.

a.k.a. silly

I agree, I think it needs to be removed from our SOP. Can somebody from NACHI please remove the phrasing so we can perform the inspection either way.
Thanks, Ben, for pointing this out.

hee hee

My point is not actually these small details of the SOP that seem “in need of tweeking” IMHO. Such as…
2.10. Doors, Windows & Interior
I. The inspector shall:
E. and report as in need of repair any installed electronic sensors
that are not operable or not installed at proper heights above
the garage door;

Sensors should not be installed ABOVE the garage door. Correction to the SOP is obviously needed here.

**The main point for me is: **
I’m doing what I believe we all should be doing. Evaluating and scrutinizing the SOP that is designed to assist us in our profession. I bet most of us have not even read the SOP in detail (and with a little devil’s advocate inside us).

I encourage all inspectors to:

Once a year - take a look at the SOP, and ask “Is this the best? Can this be improved? Is there something missing? Should it be written differently?”

I’m just trying to “sharpen the iron.”

How many inspectors actually use the remote. I have never used one. If you want to clean up the SOP then remove that line. FYI - it might be a good idea to have it removed. If you ever go to court and say you follow the SOP, the opposing lawyer can make you look silly over something stupid like this.

If the car isn’t home, do you disclaim in your report not using the remote?

That’s a silly requirement to have to use the remote. It should be removed from the SOP.

Where it says the remote needs to be used first, I believe is the most silliest.

I agree and suggest that you bring discrepencies on the SOP to the attention of the ESOP committee, which is chartered with this task.

I also agree that the remote section for garage door testing should be removed.

Ben, didnt you actually write the NACHI Standards of Practice, as the Committee inhereted it some time ago.

I’m almost at a point where I don’t want to follow the NACHI SOP anymore. Seems to me after all this time the SOP would be nailed down by now. Just my observation.

I wrote the first draft many years ago in Nick’s basement in PA. It was obviously not as developed as its present version. I remember that I called it the “Standard of Practice” and Chris Morrell changed it to “Standards” with an “s.” :slight_smile: