Garage Door Openers

Where should the controls be located?
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Okay… you listed two different questions. Which one do you want an answer to?

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Button to open the door can be wired either in the house or garage.

This is what prompted me to ask this Question. As shown/installed this is not correct.


Does that mean 3 answers are incorrect?



Bruce posted the answer yesterday

Long as it works and it is OK with the owner they all have remotes usually.

Just walked in from having a side spring replaced that was changed in June.
I made the guy put on a safety cable last June that may have saved my life 2 days ago.

The push button not in the garage would be a pain for testing and should be nearby however but not some deal breaker (minor)

What do you see wrong with it?

The overhead door IS within sight of the button, when the person door is open;
The button IS NOT near any moving parts of the overhead door;
The button APPEARS to be at least 5 feet above the floor.

Just like when using the remote control, you should only activate the door operator when the overhead door is in full view and clear of people, pets and obstructions.

I consider the Door an Obstruction.
But I do enjoy the discussion Chuck.

Keep in mind those guidelines (within sight of) are from days past, before safety features/sensors/auto-reverse were required.

Wrong. Nice try though.

They do all have a manual release…hmm do you guys inspect them for operation.:slight_smile:

What if the door is closed, and it doesn’t have a window?

For Chamberlain Overhead Doors Installation Manual…

**Wall Switch must be within visual sight of the door…

… Door must be kept within visual sight until fully closed…**

A switch (not within the garage) arguably negates the installation requirement.
Switch should be within the Garage and within sight of the door.

An entry door between the Home and Garage should not have a window unless the glass is appropriately Fire rated…

Here are the full regs:

There is nothing stating the button cannot be within the house. Only that the button must be within sight of the door and that the person operating the controller should always keep the moving door in sight. Given the detail in the Federal regulation, if they intended that there be a requirement that the button be placed within the garage, you can bet that is exactly what the regulation would say.

The door is fully visible to the person operating the button.

BTW: EVERY garage door operator manufactured for sale in the US since 1993 will include these requirements, regardless of the company that manufactures it. They are all required to adhere to the Federal Statute. The quote below is excerpted directly from the regulation (with emphasis added by me)

Also, I should amend my previous comment as I would have written the installation up as being deficient because it lacks the required safety sticker, but not because it isn’t physically within the garage.