How does this happen

Double vanity sinks control valves off configuration

Cartridges were put in wrong.

hot and cold were not on the correct side of the spout

My guess is either laziness or after installed by homeowner they decided they could live with it because it is a pain in the arse to fix when the countertop is installed.

BTW I just installed something similar with a new countertop but we installed the faucet and handles before we installed the countertop and made sure everything lined up and on/off was the correct direction.


Why should TP be the only item of disagreement between wifey and hubby?

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Kind of freaked me out at first, as i had both on at the same time filling up sink, then shut the first one off and then the second sink ( using the same motion ) and the water wouldn’t shutoff until i realized the off positions were different.

Do you all have any concerns about the electrical receptacle location? I see it’s a GFCI, but it seems too close to the sink.

Not ideal but it is protected.