How Hot

does it have to be to cook the firebrick???:frowning:

43928 20 Street 10-19-09 032.JPG


Thank you Squire. :smiley:

4 year old fireplace:shock:

43928 20 Street 10-19-09 008.JPG

Might not have been firebrick, but even firebrick eventually breaks down.

Is it one of those prefab firebrick backers that only looks like brick? I have seen them crack before as well. I think throwing the wood against the back of the firebox doesn’t help either.

Put some duct tape on it.

I second the fake backer. I’ve cracked those myself.
Love those big fires…


if it’s only 4 years old and in death valley, it’s probably not fire Brick,those manufactured units are not really designed for big roaring fires imo,…

It is indeed Refactory Firebrick Liner.

That is how prefabricated fireplaces come.

And, damaged as it is, it is now a defect and a big deal. :wink:

there is a far cry between a liner and a 4" thick fire brick Brian …no matter what they call it…i believe that might be part of the reason they make replacement liner Kits so readily available…:wink:

Ahh, therin lies the rub James. :smiley:

What the manufacturer calls it, how it is listed and tested is the point. :wink:

Now, there may well be other designations or uses of the words “Firebrick” that are used elswhere, but that is not really important in, this situation. :smiley:

I was only goofing off until others chimed in with… Opinions,:smiley:

Well, maybe…maybe not. A couple of years ago I inspected a run down 4-plex that had fireplaces with refractory firebrick liners that had completely deteriorated with a couple of them missing altogether. I talked to the manufacturer of the fireplaces and they informed me the refractory bricks were essentially cosmetic and might help radiate a little heat out into the room but were not critical to the operation of the fireplace and the lack of them did not affect the UL listing of the fireplace nor did it affect their warranty.

Great information Michael.

Shame on me, for ASSuming that they were all similar.:oops:

Shakespeare and the sword comes to mind…

page 5 refectories

But then again, I would like to see some documentation that says a UL listed fireplace can be used with out all the components in good working order.

and i was only pointing out the obvious:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

I had one some years back that the “firebrick Liner” was a cosmetic option and not included with the basic unit …that is how i recognized the picture…

I totaly understand as the picture is not that good. :smiley:

I have scoured the internet James and can not find a fireplace with this option anymore, and i am sure they exist.

I would not like anyone casualy reading this thread to think that the condition shown, should OK’d by a HI, at least not without further investigation

That is all.:mrgreen:

Don’t take my earlier post wrong, I certainly do write this condition up as a deficiency and recommend replacement or repair but I temper it with the idea that some manufacturers may not view this as a serious defect, others may.

That’s very true…

and it would make it in my report as well, because without the manufacturers manual You have no idea if it is an integral part or a decoration…