prefab metal fireplace

This prefab metal fireplace with a metal flue had this gas burner with metal grate over it… Not sure about this setup… comments please

Missing logs? Cheap source of flames?

Nov5 003a.jpg

It appears to be missing some parts.

Verify with the manufacturer’s installation instructions or refer it to a qualified professional would be my thoughts.

Could it be a gas starter for a wood burning fireplace?

That’s what I was going to say; gas fired starter rather than a gas log set.

White bricks are awful clean looking for every having had actual wood products burned in there. My bet is on missing gas logs.

I don’t see any mention if the FP had ever been used before.

The supply line usually comes in from the side, through a knock-out. Was this a custom drilled opening in the bottom of the firebox?

The picture was just for the crack in the “firebrick” material.

The gas line was on the right and looked normal from what I can remember.


FYI: the “firebrick” material is not fire brick it is the refractory they generally come in three pieces and are a pre-cast cementitious product.

Broken refractory at the back or side(s) voids the UL rating this may create a combustion hazard and this unit shall not be used for any reason until this is replaced with a new refractory. Consult …

The metal firebox should have a label with mfg. ID and model

I’ll note this so when I’ve left the inspection I can look up if further info is required and so client can mail for or download instructions, which are usually long gone.

The unit in you pic may or may not allow combustibles other than gas but many are not installed properly and many do not come with log kits (optional accessory).

If that’s ever had a fire of any type it must have been a candle centered directly under the flue damper. Was a damper block present?