How long before forms are stripped?

They are building some duplexes down the street from me, yesterday they put up the forms and started pouring around 3:00 PM. Concrete walls look awfully thin from the sidewalk, maybe 3.5"? This AM they have already stripped the forms, a bit more than 12 hours after pouring. From what I recall of my construction days, forms were left in place for days or weeks even. Obviously they are using some kind of fast drying mix.

Just curious about what’s going here, any contractors wanna enlighten?

The next day is not out if the ordinary. Need to use those forms on the next section to pour.

Yup they are loading them right now.

If the wall is fully supported the next day is fine as long as the wall is not loaded. Retaining walls, basement walls, etc can not be loaded (dirt pushed up against them) until they have reached a minimum strength. In the case of most residential walls the floor system has to be installed to resist shoving in at the top.

Next day is fine. I’ve poured in the morning and stripped in the afternoon.

H. E. or calcium yep seen it alot

I agree, forms can be pulled usually the next day. No load should be placed on the new structural pour for at least 7 to 14 days depending on weather conditions and load. Support jacks in an opening should stay as long as possible, such as under a tie beam. Slabs are a little different as I have seen walls go up the next day on green concrete.