ICF forms

Anyone out there have a good web site for information on inspecting ICF Forms? I have a client builder who is about to start a house with the forms. He wants me to inspect it when it is ready. HELP.


Better be quick. It only takes about 2 days to put the forms together and another day to pour. You really need to find out what brand forms they are using. Some forms are put together on-site, some are pre-assembled and then put together on-site.

The access holes for the utilites need to be proper. Will the electric be run within the concrete or after the fact within the foam? The window and door bucks sometimes come as kits or sometimes are made on-site. Depends on if there is a basement also. Lots of stuff to look for. You also might need to check the rebar installation within the walls prior to pouring.

Here is a good site for one brand. www.arxxbuild.com This is the brand I will be using for our new house.

Good luck… Take lots of pictures.

Russel, this link might be usefull for you.


Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Russel, I built my basement with ICF’s, and did it myself. I have done some research on a ton of different brands. If you want you may call me.

Post 7 has a little info


Thanks to all for the web sites. I will use each and every one of them. Michael, I would like to pick your brain about this stuff. I am located in south Texas and this is just beginning to come on the market here. If you could send me a number to get in touch at encinosummit@yahoo.com I would appreciate it. Thanks again.