How long do pool heaters last?

My father-in-law’s gas one is kaput and is only 6 years old. I know nothing about pool heaters. Is that the norm?

What brands are more durable? How much do they cost in Florida? Is it best to cover the heaters when not in use?

Any information is appreciated.



my experience, most pool equipment has about a 10 year life span this will of course vary on installation, type, use and geo. location

if he’s in FL close to ocean 6 yrs. would be great, imo


Thanks Barry…I’ll read that tomorrow.

They’re coming to put a new one in the AM.

I just want to at least know a little when I hear 'em talking.:smiley:

They will try to sell you titanium pool heater, they say it lasts longer, but I do not find that here. The biggest culprit is that the heaters are seldom used. You have to exercise these items often. If its a gas heater why can it not be repaired?

They should have sheets explain each heater and its typical annual operating cost. Sometimes spending a few bucks makes up for it in gas consumption. GET MULTIPLE BIDS…

I’m also perplexed as to why it cannot be repaired.

Out here we can get them to last 30-40 years. The oldest still-going-strong one I’ve found out here was 43 years old.

In Texas, not so much. Lucky if they made it 10 years.

Well, the way it was explained to me, the heat exchanger is rusted out, the heater fan is shot and a couple of other things. Like I said, I have no experience with pools or their heaters so I appreciate any input.

The unit is a:

Teledyne Laars LX
Mod. LX400P
Ser. A99L10250
Propane gas
78% efficient

Does the “99” in the serial number mean it is a 1999 model?


Take the manufacturer’s warranty, and add one day to it. That’s when it will fail. :smiley:

Larry, are there pool chemicals stored in the area of the heater?

That will kill it ASAP.

Can also make it blow up!

Appears to be a 1999. Ask them to SHOW you the rusted out parts and why can’t they just be replaced? A fan is about $100 and the cost of the other items cannot be that high. I just hate it when one thing goes they want to sell you another heater.

Bad heat exchanger will be leaking water all over the place.

Rusted? Aren’t they all rusted? :wink:

Hi David.

No the chemicals are not stored in that area at all.

A little dripping but substantial pile of rust below the exchanger.

Estimate was 1500 to 1800 for repairs…new unit 2500.

I would go new, heat exchanger repair can be $$$.

that’s a rip and run for about $500 tech fee…2 hrs. max

i’ll do it, today only! for $300 + travel :wink:

I’m not following you Barry.

Your link puts the cost for the unit at $2,199.00 so $300.00 labor to total the $2,500 estimate seems reasonable.

What am I missing?

local installer pays dist. at least 10~20% off the retail price i posted
the rest goes in his pocket…not saying it’s a bad deal

i still get an across the board 15% off

i just call 'em rip and run…rip out old, install new, and run on down the road

in a past life i was a pool tech and always much, much, much easier to sell and install a new replacement than to repair an old rust bucket


best of to you and yours

Gotcha…thanks. :smiley:

The best to you and yours, too.

Joe you were right. I had a bad experience with that too.