How many branch circuits from one junction box

Found three junction boxes in an attic that were missing their covers. Also, it looks like way too many branch circuits being fed out of a box that size. Comments?

As you’ve suggested there are limits on the number of conductor permitted in a box. Also there are limits as the number of conductors permitted to be spliced and capped with a single wirenut. Looks like there are also grounding issues. This can all be corrected fairly easily by a competent electrician.


A: Cable clearance from ends of rafter/roof sheathing. B: Exposed Cables hanging from rafters.

It was nice of them to leave that J-box open for you to see their handywork. :wink:

Thanks for sharing.


Looks like quality “flip” work. Find them like that all the time.

Or, “Just needs more electrical tape!”


You also might have over-fusing and under-fusing issues. It looks like the junction box is fed by a 12-AWG or 10-AWG wire and a bunch of 14-AWG branch off of that. If the breaker is 20-amp or 30-amp, feeding this then all of the 14-AWG wires are over-fused. If the junction box is fed by a 15-amp breaker, then all is fine for fire safety–except, of course, that they are trying to run perhaps half of all the electrical outlets in the house off of one 15-amp breaker.