How many of you??

Just put the defects in the report but don’t mention the ramifications of the defects? I was made privy to a report the other day and the inspector mentions the defects like “soil in planting bed above foundation” or “no weep screed in stucco” or “weep holes in stone” with no mention what effects these defects could have on the home. I can see where agents would love reports like this and suspect the inspector gets most of his jobs through agents.
I feel like doing this is a disservice to the client how about you?

I feel the same George. You can explain what is wrong but if you don’t tell them why it is wrong and what could happen then you are not telling them the whole story.

I agree. I attempt to explain, especially on the more difficult ones. I admit that on the ones I consider obvious, I do not explain in the report. May need to revisit that.

I site it and why, most of the time. I guess if I call out leaky trap under sink, i dont usually put why it one of those obvious ones, water is where it shouldnt be. i will put have qualified contractor or plumber repair.