Clueless Client?

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    Had an e-mail that I got last night about a defect a client said I should have found during an inspection on the 12th of July and was found yesterday by the termite inspector. I called out a waste pipe plumbing leak under the home in the crawl space. I have pictures of the leak and of the insulation installed under the flooring. I tried to find where the leak was comming from as per the request of my client and narrowed it down to the bathroom, but to where exactly I was not sure. Apparently, the cast iron bathtub drain pan has rusted through and caused some wood rot for some time. See pictures below that I took at time of inspection. To what extent of the damage I do not know. I may go back and take a second look this afternoon. My client doesn't understand that I can not take the insulation down to further investigate under any circumstances unless I have authorization from the home owner........which at the time I did not. I guess a plumber was not called out to further investigate. What do you think should happen?

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What’s the defect that the client called out?

I don’t know what you said in your report, but from your pictures it looks like you found a plumbing leak, decay of structural and (possibly) finish elements, wet crawl space, and possibility of mold.

You don’t have to diagnose the cause, just report the defect (as per NACHI SOP)

Did you miss something, or does your client have unreasonable expectations as to how far you are allowed to go as a home inspector?

I guess I don’t understand what the problem is. You found a leak. You reported a leak. You took pictures of a leak. You traced it to the bathroom. You disclosed that the inspection is visual only, so there was no way for you to see the wood rot. You also called for evaluation by a plumber.

I’d go back to the house and visit with the client in the interest of good business. However, I’d bring the report, pictures, and inspection agreement to review with him. And politely re-inform him that you told him of the leak, and that you have no responsibility to have it repaired for him.

Not a thing to add to what’s been posted.

You inspected, and reported, what you saw.
Good recommendations have been made as to handling the client…

My only suggestion going forward would be to post this type of thread in a member’s only branch of the BB…

Good Press, Bad Press, It’s all Press aside…


:smiley: Give your client $5.00 and tell them to go buy a clue. you did your job, now it is time for them to work it out with the seller.:smiley:
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     Go to the members only section for update! Good advice Michael.