How should i convey this roof.

I inspected this roof today 11/5/08, which has alot of wavyness to it. I need reassurance as to how i should report this. It’s the original roof on a 9year old home. From inside the attic the roof sheathing appeared to be properly nailed to the trusses. It looks like 1/2" osb layed across 24" o.c. trusses. This is Florida, so snow load is not a problem. Should i be concerned?


It would be concerned if I was buying the house…the inside of the attic looked good?

Seems like those dips would certainly be visible in the attic…I think I would even run a string line to figure out just what gives…it’s either the sheathing or really out of whack trusses or rafters from looking at the photo.

Is this a comp roof over shake/wood shingles that the contractor failed to do right…Not sure if this type of roof is commen in Fla…but from the pic thats what it looks like. What did you see in the attic as far a sheathing?

Yeah, you’ve got issues on that roof field and I would have investigated the reason why a 9 year old roof looks like an ocean.

The roof backing in the attic couldn’t have been in great shape.

Do you have pictures of the attic cavity?

You say “trusses.” Are you using the term generically, or this the roof comprised of an engineered truss system? It seems as though the roof is overspanned, or the sheathing is inadequate. Play it safe, and describe the “waviness,” and recommend a second opinion.

Thanks to everyones input. Keith as far as your ?, they are engineered trusses at a 7/12 pitch. i think your right, over spanning of the trusses for 1/2" OSB sheathing.

Also, i don’t know if this would have anything to do with it, but see the roof vent? That is to a gas dryer vent which i found disconnected right below the sheathing in side the attic.

Yea the dryer vent might contribute to excessive humidity in the attic which might account for the wavieness in the sheathing.

Were you able to see if there were any “H” clips in between the trusses

Lack of H clips might also contribute to this condition.

Is it a major concern? Don’t think so, but you should make your client aware.

Hope this helps


Agreed. Extreme swelling and sagging of the OSB.

It may not fall down, but will it affect future resale value? Would YOU buy it? Definitely write it up. :neutral:

John Kogel

That dryer vent would pump loads of humid air into that attic and warp that OSB, notice any moldy areas up there?

I looked up this site for you (good reading on OSB panels)