How should I write this

Is there a problem and if so how should I write it.

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Immediate Repair or replacement by qualified person

Roy Cooke sr

Service furnace prior to closing of title.

Excessive rusting at the heat chambers, recommend service / repair of unit prior to closing of property.

Thorough diagnosis and repair by a qualified licensed HVAC contractor prior to close of escrow. or,

Replace the piece of ****!.:shock:


The inspector visually observed that heavy rust particles exists and cover the burners, and the area under the burners. Normally this is a sign of additional damage by rusting around or inside the draft diverter. However, other problems may exist. (i.e. Excessively rusted heat exchangers will deposit considerable rust atop and around burners of the heater). The presence of excessive rust particles may cause interference with the flame resulting in further problems. This defect/safety concern could be a simple fix or a costly repair or replacement of the heating system. The proper evaluation would require invasive evaluation vs. our visually observed evaluation.

The inspector strongly recommends that a Heating Contractor be contacted for assistance and further evaluation/advice prior to close or escrow.

I would also recommend not using the heat mode due to a possible crack in the heat exchanger until proper repairs, technical evaluation or replacement is completed.

I would have to agree with Bruce’s comment, I have never seen one that rusty that was not cracked and leaking CO into the home.



I have seen alot worse that were not leaking co, and were not cracked. I also try not to write paragraphs for explanations, b/c people do not read them… But that is just me.