How to add information to a summary page of a report where nothing wrong was found

I have an inspection report that was “clean”- first time ever!! I still need to include a summary page stating everything was good (could use some language for that please).
How is this done in home gauge. Please help.

This is the same, no?

I use different software but you could create an item/comment stating no material defects observed at time of inspection. And that should show up in summary

Lawrence said, in another thread, that his state requires a summary. :smiley:

I create attachments in HTML that I add to the report for furnished homes, old homes etc. You could create one easily for the situation you just described. Free HTML editors are available. Use a page size that corresponds to the report (copy an existing HTML attachments and change the text).

You didn’t find a loose door knob? A light that didn’t work? In 15 years, I’ve never had a perfect house.

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I found this information on the Home Gauge web site:

Edit a Summary

  1. Select the template you would like to add the summary to
  2. On the left side of the screen, click the Summary section bar
  3. In the center window, click the Edit Summaries tab at the top
  4. Beneath the Edit Summaries button, click the tab for the summary you would like to edit
  5. In the row of icons near the top of the screen, click Edit T
  6. Click OK , then click File > Save Template or Save T to save your changes

When I did the above I got a text box where I could edit the Summary Intro. Edit the Intro to reflect your findings and save the report. Do not save changes to the template. Alternately you can copy and paste the existing summary intro to notepad so you can retrieve it and re-enter it after you made the changes for this report.

While those things would never make it into my summary, I agree, I’ve never ran into a house without defects either.