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defect found and written up in a report should contain the following elements. The order is not important as long as your narrative has all the elements. The color is for illustration purposes for this post. The text in an actual report would be all one color.

1) Identify the Component
2) Describe the function of the component
3) Describe the defect
4) How the defect will impact the client
5) How the defect should be corrected (note: this is different from speculating on solutions)
6) Who should correct the defect
7) When the defect should be corrected (amount of urgency)

"An electrical wire in the main panel is reduced in effective diameter by being nicked. This may cause the nicked area to increase in temperature which is a possible fire hazard. Have the wire replaced by a licensed electrician before loading the circuit."

The electrical panel is outdated and improperly installed. It may not provide adequately protection from electrical fires or shock. Have the panel replaced by a licensed electrician before energizing the panel.

A supporting wood beam is not sufficiently supported. This will reduce the load bearing capacity of the beam. Have the bearing for beam evaluated by a structural engineer before putting any weight on the floor.

As with any reporting style it would be advisable to discuss this with legal council before incorporating it into your reports.


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