How to rewire furnace from stoneage

good evening americas finest…I seek aid in finding a diagram to rewire an ancient looking furnace whose wiring fell apart as I was trying to install a new cable to replace the cloth covered and disintegrating one which was on there (for a rental…not a home inspection, I do not dissemble furnace wiring during inspections) anyway is there a way to find old wiring diagrams? Furnace is Montgomery Ward ‘Fairway’ unit…
model SRM6358AB (1) or (I)…last letter/digit hard to read
serial 16XJ534RNN2B206

input is appreciated
mike in MN

Hire an HVAC Tech as old as Charley, or Wayne and tell them to “make it run”.

If you have a schematic, could you wire it?

Do you think you can take a picture of what you have so we have some clue as to what you are working on?

I’m pritty damn good, but not good enough to work blindfolded!

could probably rewire with a schematic…cant be that hard, theres a hot and a neutral going through the enclosure and the inside box has an array of wires (all black) which were wirenutted together and some kind of goo on them, presumably some sort of antioxident and it branches to the fan down and up to the limit switch but its not as simple as black to black and white to white…theres extras, i believe a schematic would do the trick but i sure cant find one…have checked with the local heating and cooling shop they have nothing…i could take a pic later but i doubt it would do much good its just a mass of black wires
ps…not sure if ‘wirenutted’ is an actual word

I need to see the components your wiring so I can tell you how to wire it.

I don’t care about the wires. You can cut them all out right now.
We are going to re-wire the whole thing and throw out what is not needed.

I want to see the: motor type, fan relay, fan limit, transformer, thermostat, pilot system, flame roll out safety, door switch and anything else you don’t know what it is.

Hey Bubba if its as old as me I can wire it blindfolded don’t think you will see a flame roll out switch

Bonnet limit?! or just a plain mechanical fan/limit!

thanks for interest…I believe tomorrow I will get a chance to take pics and post and then I will start new thread so the issue does not get lost. I am looking forward to input. I dont see how pics will help but then again I’m not the veteran that some of you all are so its worth a shot.
until pics are forthcoming…
mike in MN

Its easy if you keep in mind that you will have two kinds of circuits to deal with one a 120 volt and a 24 volt and the only way they mix is at the low voltage step down transformer , the combination fan and limit switch for the heat mode and at a relay to start the blower in the cooling mode

You likely have something like this…

I want pictures to see the unit we are working on (everyone should post pictures when asking for advise here). I don’t want to assume anything without at least seeing it.

“Old as Charley” doesn’t cut it! :wink:

Furnace Diagram.jpg

Old as Charley and Wayne? Gosh is this a coal fired furnace lolol Does it have a grate for Buffalo chips?

I don’t know Wayne! Still waiting for the Pics!

From the sounds of it, it does! :wink:

thanks …pics are still a comin i hope…just have not made it back, really appreciate the input. If i can get those babies I will have them up
mike in MN