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Lets talk about something other than CMI or BMI:eek:

The Pic’s are of a 2 1/2 ton Bryant heat pump up-flow; blower above the A-coil. The local return air filter below the unit had the filter matted over and was dislodged from its filter grill. I decided to have a look at the A-coil fins as it had a easy excess panel and sure enough the coil was matted over as indicated in the Pic. I make my determination about the coil depending on basically how much lint is on the blower motor and blower wheel.

I also check the heat strips with a amp meter as indicated. This furnace had three strips; each one was drawing 21 amps. These strips were visible once the blower motor cover was removed.

Yes for you hard heads I still consider this a visual inspection. How else can you determine if an electrical furnace is performing as intended with all strips in working order:D

Good job Charley, aren’t you a HVAC tech also? Nobody else wants to play, they’re still fussing.

is that dirt and grime in picture #5 or mold?

Mold, and your point?

If you cleaned the damn thing, you won’t have any living organism in there. It will take your skin off if you get in the way!

Charlie, are we having a GOOD day? :slight_smile:

Absolutely fabulously day David at my age every day is a good day:) I wake up every morning excited just to know I am still breathing;-)

Retired or is that retarded

Charley, good job but have to wonder…

Do you also do the same amount of inspecting when the unit is in a damp crawlspace with no room to sit up and rust eeking out of the panel covers and covering the screw heads? :slight_smile:

Sorry Bruce I would roll over in my grave if I ever found a unit in a damp crawl space; just not done here; but yes if I did find one I would give it the same attention that is what I am being paid for the BIG BUCKS:)

This unit is not even two years old, this and other probelms, client bailed on the deal.



They must have changed the filter 5 minutes before you arrived:) I would guarantee the A-coil was not passing any air on that one;)

Is that a sooners jersey?

I would like to clarify that I do not pull the covers on all A-coils that I inspect.
I have to have a reason lack of air flow, furnace blower and wheel matted over. As an inspector you should be able to tell if someone has been changing the filters on a regular basis plus some A-coil boxes are not easily observable as you would have to cut the sheet metal. These do not get observed by me.

I will remove the cover just to be able to say in my report yes the A-coil is matted over and the unit will not perform as intended. I will not make that statement unless I have actually observed the A-coil. Do not want some contractor saying I did not know what I was talking about.

I do not make the statement very often Needs further evaluation

Bet that one freezes up a lot!

The one and only:cool:

Yea, but look at that nice clean filter!!