how wide should a parapet wall be (posted by clarence kluesner)

[ASKNACHI]This question was posted on by clarence kluesner (from bloomington wis). [/ASKNACHI]how wide shoud a parapet wall be

Only as wide as it needs to be to perform, otherwise you are wasteing materials.

Sometimes width and height are confused.

If this is the case 39" above the roof surface is considered a safe working height.

Many do not come close to this accepted standard.

How wide should a parpet be?

That depends on the age of the building. Century building parpets tend to be as wide as the outer wall. If the outer wall is stone rubble I hope the parapet is as wide. If the outer wall is double brick the parpet should be as wide.

They require a
minimum of 1/4 per foot fall. The parapet/gutter decision may be
influenced by your exterior material. Parapets require attention
to detail so they are structurally sound. The exterior wall will
be subjected to very different weather conditions above the roof
line. The inside of parapets are typically roofed with the same
material as the roof with a metal wall cap and fascia. The
dimension of the fascia is determined by what needs to be covered
up to overlap the finish exterior surface. Parapets would
typically have roof drains with overflow scuppers, sufficient
pitch to shed elsewhere, or through-the-parapet piping usually to
a conductor head and downspout.