How would you report this

I know how i reported it,

just curious how others would

It’s an electric water heater…I wouldn’t report anything.

PEX should be a minimum of 18" off the appliance. Is that sill plate PT in the background?

Well one thing i wrote was support , cant really see it the picture.
The other one i was wondering about was the 18 inch approved material i looked in code check, it just says hot water tank nothing about gas or electric. but it mention pex must have 18 inches of approved material to join Pex. I have seen only 2 tanks done this way others had copper.

I believe there should be about 18 inches of ridged pipe between the water heater and the pex. I don’t remember why I’m thinking that… I don’t think there would ever be a real issue with what is there, so I wouldn’t make a big deal about it, but state that common best practices call for it.

yep it is

From the Zurn PEX Design Guide:

Cool! Thanks Mike… too bad we don’t have greenies to give you any more for your research.

Well i wrote the 18 inch up and got told there is nothing wrong with it on this one The other fixed it and installed copper. I think with the bend and heat this may cause a problem down the road Mark.

Ok i stand corrected then Thanks Mike

Wirsbo PEX requires 18" separation. They sell a specific connector for the application. Those are Wirsbo connectors in the picture, not Zurn.

Innocent until proven guilty Wayne. ;):mrgreen:

I think I might of noted it too, because it is not a standard application although approved by Zurn Pex. Thank you Mike for your post.

I think we all learned something new here again today. :slight_smile:

LOL now i am a old confused man. so i was right on this one or was i wrong.

Yes! :mrgreen:

According to Stephen, you are correct but I can’t tell what brand it is.

Yes i am confused or i am right Mark
or i am old lol;-)

I used to report the lack of an approved material between electric WH and Pex piping until I was informed that in Canada, it was not a requirement.

Pex required the spacing in the US but not in Canada go figure…but material quality changes and it may not be a requirement today.

Yes you got it, exactly! :mrgreen: I’m so glad you understand now! :smiley:

This is a Zurn pex18" hot water tank connection to pex tubing.
I would think that the proper way would be to use this or solid copper pipe to make the connection and switch to pex.
Waynes picture just dosen’t seem right. :slight_smile:

Thanks Marcel i was going to ask what is the difference between Zurn and Wirsbo, Lord where did the good old days go with cooper lol. i Remember zurn had a problem with connections .