Water Heater

Are these connections O.K.


I can’t tell from you picture, but those might be Zurn fittings…

 1.       The PEX system includes brass fittings (Zurn) that are alleged to be defective. The fittings are the subject of pending litigation in Federal Court due to documented failures. In the event that these fittings should fail, substantial water damage may occur to the residence. Consequently, we disclaim any further responsibility for evaluating the plumbing system and its components and strongly recommend that you seek a second opinion from a plumbing contractor who is familiar with this issue. More information can be obtained at [http://www.zurnclassaction.com/index.html](http://www.zurnclassaction.com/index.html)

yes they were

Greenie for ya.

Glad to help. :smiley: