HUD Inspection

Anyone in the Sarasota area certified to do these ? I had a realtor ask me. Give me a call if interested. (716) 510-5143.

Tell them you are a licensed home inspector and have the right to inspect homes.

If you are. I did not check :slight_smile:

I believe the realtor was talking about the condition form 92051. It requires an ID issued by HUD. I have the qualifications but have not applied. She was looking for somebody now. Thanks

HUD-92051 form is called a “Compliance Inspection Report” filled out by appraisers or Fee inspectors for a Final inspection required for FHA loans.

A loan processor/bank is who would need this, Not an RE agent.

Here’s the List. Just select your state…

I just tried it by putting florida and my zip and it said errors and did not work.

Problem is on your end, it works.

Just tried my state and zip and got the bessage below:

Message: INSPECTORS NOT PROCESSED DUE TO ERROR(S) Sorted by: ID Number Name City Zip Code Approval State Approval State: All States Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Guam Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Puerto Rico Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virgin Islands Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming **ID Number:****Last Name:****City:****Zip Code:**Status: Active Terminated Both


Your zip code and Dania Beach receive above message, that means there are no approve Fee inspectors at that location.

Try using only Florida, no zip code.

Not entirley true. Federal trumps State in this case. Sure, you can inspect it, but HUD doesn’t have to accept it. I recommend you study up before you ‘assume’ and get another inspector ‘in-the-sh*t’.

Well how about this.

I did not see that anything hardley at all is required.

Most states he likely would just have to click his heels loudly and exclaim,

I am a home inspector
I am a home inspector
I am a home inspector

You know like mosts members had to do in their areas before becoming InterNACHI home inspectors :slight_smile:

Maybe something like this is required if they asy you? I do not know. I do know if you are dealing with anything HUD be prepared to be asked the most important question. HOW MUCH. If you ain’t the lowest then you ain’t getting it.
Take that to the bank.

Conversations uasally start like. ahh errr I need aa home inspection.
me what kind of inspection are you looking for?

ahh ii well whatever I NEED. HOW MUCH IS IT?

thing that make you go hmmmmmm

some more stuff for ya.

I have been on the list and do these inspections for $150-$300 for a 20 minute inspection and 1 page report. Even a conspector can do these.

I see you on the list.
Maybe I need to call you to walk me through this.
Is this part of the 203k in a box concept and did you pay a counselor to babysit you through the process?

I was recently told HUD is not approving/processing home inspectors at this time but was not turning down licensed inspectors who provide the report in the detail they want

Did you get that information from HUD, a realtor or mortgage broker or someone on a message board? It’s a simple 1 page form, no room for details.

Thanks for the info. I did the inspection for the proposed buyer. It looks like she is moving forward, and now needs the Compliance Inspection Report for financing.
The realtor wanted to know if I could do it. I told her I was not authorized by HUD but would help her find someone who could. Do you by any chance know if the listed people are also appraisers ? They may need the 1004D also. Thanks again.

Does any one know where to find the HUD/FHA inspection requirements? Not to become one but what they want inspected.

Appraisers are on a different list.

I got that info directly from both the Atlanta regional HUD and the Orlando HUD office. You can’t download the application on the main HUD site either. The info is still there but no place to get the form you submit. If you know of anything different, please advise.