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The other day I was asked if I was a certified FHA inspector. I have not heard of this certification. If there is one, does anyone know where I can go to be certified?

No certification that I know of. If you are licensed in your state then you are certified

Go here I’m listed as Inspector N854 Active. :smiley:

Are you sure they were not looking for a FHA 203k Consultant or FHA Appraiser?

I see your info, but it doesn’t show you how to get listed. How’d you get listed there?


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Approval State: MN
ID: D0864
Name:Paul Lesieur
City: North Oaks
Zip Code: 55127
Status: Active

For 203K and fee inspections

So, how do you get on that list?

I had a link once, give me a little time and I’ll find it. Or call me and I can tell you what I had to do to get on the list.

612-788-five five eight four

John you do not need to have any certification to conduct a pre-purchase inspection for a client applying for an FHA or HUD backed loan. An inspection is an inspection. FHA inspectors or 203k consultants work with the rehab side of things. I already called them on this 2 years ago. On any loan that is going through HUD or FHA, the appraisers conduct their own property condition assessment in conjunction with the appraisal, often with disastrous results. Make sure you advise your client if they are going with that financing there may be additional hoops to jump through. For instance, here, on normalized concrete block settlement cracking, they almost always insist the client obtain a letter from a structural engineer that the cracking is not major. This usually costs the client additional $ out of pocket.

I have written letters myself concerning roofing, cracks in foundations, framing, concrete slabs.

Even though I am not an engineer HUD/ FHA write ups carry some weight. I do not pass myself off as an engineer and my wording is careful but in my experience we have not called for an engineer often. I have not had one appraiser screw up a report in 5 years, sure it happens but I have been lucky.

Septic reports are fairly common as is certifying mechanical systems. I do plan review for a fee and that has not been a problem up to and including landscaping such as culverts, swales, water runoff. The banks need someone to figure this stuff out for them.

Really!?!Since when do we need to advise clients on what to expect in their choice of mortgage process?

Another reason to be labeled a Deal Killer.:slight_smile:

Have been doing FHA for 5 years,

I congratulate the buyer on finding a home.
I do my inspection.
Only call out obvious structural problems/ may add you better get a specialty contractor to talk with, but I am very much aware the buyers are seeing a castle and the realtor is seeing a commission.

I do everything I can to be thorough and that includes very careful language so not to cause worry.

I avoid references to anything that would bring more fees unless the realtor or seller has downplayed some serious issues, even then I am cautious with what I say.

In 5 years I needed an engineer once.
Septic and well certifications are common and there is a fee for that.

I know this is an old post I am a 203k Consultant and a Hud Fee inspector
I do a lot of Hud compliance and 203k consulting. I also perform Fannie Mae Homestyle Consulting and Homepath inspections in the Tampa Market and 10 counties out.

Can do anything the client needs