Hud Inspection

Inspected a HUD foreclosure last week for an out of town buyer. The buyer had the power and water turned on, but the utility company left them off at the main panel inside and the water was still off at the road. For years normally I have no problems flipping the main breaker on inside and using my T handle to turn the water on. I always go around and check the water valves to make sure there turned off before I turn the water on. Well this time I made sure the water was off inside at main and then I turned the water on and quickly noticed a small water stain in the ceiling (2nd floor bathroom was above), so I ran and shut the water off. The problem is that the buyers lender wrote back to the agent saying that they didn’t want the house because there was substantial water leak in the house. So I get a call from the Realtor saying HUD will be calling wanting to know why there wasn’t a pressure test done before the water was turned on. **What does everyone else do ? Do you have the buyers sign a wavier for damages or do you not turn the water on, make someone else do it ? **

Well you know what not to do now don’t cha… :slight_smile:
Unless I have written permission I don’t turn on squat.

worth repeating

Do you have a standard release form that you use that you might share with me ?

INTERNACHI does… I would also get it reviewed by your attorney before you use it though.