Huge, totally free, 2-day, industry-wide Infrared Convention in Denver.


  • 2-day certification course for Infrared Certified professional designation. FREE.
  • Infrared Certified professional designation. FREE.
  • Membership in InterNACHI. FREE to non-members.
  • Membership in IAC2. FREE.
  • $100 discount on InterNACHI membership renewal.
  • IR brochures. FREE.
  • Door prizes galore. All FREE.
  • Commercial inspection templates. FREE.
  • SEO for IR inspectors evening mini course. FREE.
  • Energy Audit evening mini course. FREE.
  • Commercial property inspections with IR cameras evening mini course. FREE.
  • Infrared legal issues evening mini course. FREE.
  • Infrared for REALTORs course.
  • NACHI.TV Building Science and Infrared training episodes. FREE.

The whole event is totall free to all. Leave your association-affiliation at the door.

Coming to Denver. Stay tuned for details.

Home Inspector Pro will be one of the sponsors of the event. We’ll be giving out a few copies of Home Inspector Pro as door prizes and I’ll be giving a talk on website optimization with IR sites in mind. Dennis Gordeau, Bill Warner and Charley Bottger can all tell you how well IR only sites work.

Nick do you see this as an annual event that one might be able to plan into the future. I certainly wish I was ready to participate at this time, I sure it will be a great event.

Did I miss something? I don’t see dates? Or thats the stay tuned part?

The dates are still being worked on. We have to work around the Success Seminar dates and get my schedule, John McKenna’s and Nicks all aligned.

Nick, can you bring this back to chicago? After last week I would like to see everybody again.

You can fly down :slight_smile: It’ll probably be about $200 on Southwest round trip!

Dont know if Ill have the time, Im taken my Resnet course in 4 weeks it sounds like it will be a very hard test. Maybe if the dates are after the 10th of April. I’ll need to relax some how.

I think the dates will be in the summer. We are still in the planning
stages. More FREE items will be added. There are some suprises
being worked out, but cannot be disclosed at this time. This is
going to be huge.

How many spots are open for this? Cant wait to find out the dates and get more info.

This event is going to be in a very large meeting facility, so there should not be any problem saving you a seat…:slight_smile: We’ll leave the light on for ya.!

The Chicagoland Chapter is planning something like this. Won’t be free, but very affordable.

And, the IR classes will also have state CE approval for Wisconsin, Indiana and Illinois.

Hope this helps;

Is there any update on this event? Just want to plan and get reasonable airfare.


I’m with Gary, i’d like to start planning to see the great state of Colorado…

I can tell you this… this is going to be huge. More info to follow.

It would be wise to attend this meeting also…

Energy Audit Round Table

What a great opportunity! I look forward to it.
Keep us posted when the date of this event is.


Any updates boys?

Details are still being worked on.

Any further updates on this event?


Keep us posted when the date of this event is…:stuck_out_tongue: