Hurricane Irma

If any of my Florida colleagues want to get out of dodge, I’ve got room.

We may have our differences but that is quite nice of you.

Best of luck to all in her path.

I’m ready - freeze dried & MRE meals, H2O, tons of batteries/ammo & a 150 amp
generator that runs the whole house.
All openings protected with code compliant devices.

If I was in FL Keys, I would be heading out now before it becomes a parking lot.

In my hood they are already pulling boats out of the water and putting those that fit between the houses.

Harvey has got the people’s attention for sure. I have to wait to see where I will be sending the wife and daughter depending on what the news says. Kind of hard to not know and hard to make plans other that the opposite direction this loing out :frowning:

Try to make a plan and make yourselves a bug out bag with the essentials and good luck to all. When in ANY doubt GET THEM OUT. That is my motto.

Boy a real dosey would sure boast our economy but if one life is lost it sure is not worth it :(.

The US weather model has her going West of Florida and heading for Cancun. The European model has her hitting Miami dead on and heading up the coast and into Georgia / South Carolina.

Currently listed as a Class 4 and could gain steam as she travels.

Good luck to all.

I am a little nervous to say the least …our house can absolutely take it, we are 100 feet above the lowest point in our neighborhood, have a generator and enough tools/ supplies on hand to at least patch things but we are surrounded by huge pine trees and oaks ( probably have 10-15 30+ diameter trees on my lot with a few 40+. We have a home office and are expecting twin boys ( our 1st and 2nd kids) sometime between now and mid November. I don’t want to have to add rebuilding half a house this month to our list

Good luck and be safe to all .

Thanks for the offer Chuck, we have cancellable rooms booked at 2 different hotels depending on how this developes. I was really hoping it would make that hard right turn before entering the US, not looking good.

Time you & her her to visit Texas

My wife and I were planning a vacation to Key West from the 6th to the 10th. Talk about bad timing! We pulled the plug Monday afternoon.

Thoughts and prayers for those in the path!

CAT5 175 mph Holy Crap!

Storm is now a Cat 5. Those in or near the path of this storm stay safe and I also have room if anyone wants to travel to SW Ohio.

Anyone want to stay in Boca? :shock:
Come on Kev think of all the FEMA work we’re gonna have.

It looks like FEMA might need to be hiring more people.

Stay safe Marc.

Twelve years ago I remember the palm tree just missing the house.



Marc must have an amazing home if it can withstand a Category V. Stay safe.

lol, our 4 years in Wichita Falls scarred us…if it looks like we will take a direct or almost direct hit, her parents have an empty house in Maggie Valley that we can go to anytime and stay for as long as we need too…just hope Jose doesn’t get any bigger now either

I did not say my home can withstand a CAT5.
Who knows what will happen if a tornado comes along, then all bets are off.
One thing that is good I am almost 10 miles inland west of the ocean.