Hurricane panel rails block egress

I’m inspecting a house where the L shaped rails in the window wells are blocking the bedroom crank windows from opening. This is an egress violation and improper installation, correct?

A virtual death trap but would not matter on an 1802.

Actually it does matter. That’s an indication of an improper install which means they don’t meet the standards and therefore shouldn’t get any credit. Why do you guys always want to be the hero and act like you’re giving the credit. By not having to move that out and not pointing out the issue that’s there and creates a problem.

This is for a home inspection - okay I’ll proceed with egress blockage.

Yes. It is a safety hazard that needs repair. :shock:

Hurricane shutters installed in this fashion can be egressable, and most manufacturer’s have provisions for this in their construction documents with the submittal for approval (detail sheets).

It’s a hazard if the lower track isn’t removable, if it is then the HO just didn’t remove it after installation. If it’s permanent, then you have an issue…

I agree, that should be called out in a home inspection. All they have to do is remove the bottom L-channel. It would be exempt when shuttering for a storm, when it gets reinstalled.

Because Bill by you guys you mean me.

What if house is un-occupied and kept that way to keep it protected then what is to say it is improper ?

Can you tell by looking at the picture?

1802 does not require us to determine if they are properly installed just like they do not for doors or garage doors. Just weather or not the opening is protected.

How about shutters on front doors? Pretty stupid but who does not allow them on an 1802.

What makes you guys act like the 1802 NAZI’s making your opinions fact for all.

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Even if installed properly during a storm you sure as heck ain’t getting out that way.


No offense intended but what is your end game?

Are you trying to make it so impossible to fill out the form that it goes away and no one makes or saves money?

Making it harder for inspectors is only going to hurt us and our clients and help the dirtbag insurance companies.

Do you know what my biggest financial problem is with a family of 3 ?

Paying insurance and co-pays and what they do not cover and what they must cover.
Between taxes and insurance and fuel and educational costs for my child to go to a decent school it is hard enough to survive without folks trying to make one of my jobs harder every chance they get and helping the insurance companies get more of my money at every opportunity. Gee this licensing is great now anyone can do them, anyone can make up their own opinions about them and we have to pay a couple of xtra insurance premiums a year for the PRIVILEGE of being licensed. Gee this is just dandy.

Hell I do not know how you can even get enough fools together who want to do this occupation in this State to teach a class. Then once they are inspectors you want to make their life more and more difficult? I do not get it. I, knowing you. Would think that you would look out for the BENEFIT of other inspectors first and foremost. You always seemed to be that way when I used to see you occasionally in the past to take care of some things for your clients. You never seemed to bust my balls then and seemed grateful to have the help.

You need to right a manifesto so we can figure you and your end game out. While I am at it ask Robert to write one also :slight_smile:

I have always liked you as a person but what has been going on here lately last year or so sure seems odd. I actually feel like you are out to get me personally. I doubt it is true but it sure kinda seems that way.

Take care and have a great day.

You are correct and the exemption is just for this type of installation, where the track has to go on top of a ledge or on the older homes, brick. It has to be removable though and only in use when the shutters are installed.

I removed my tracks from the back patio because I keep tripping over them. The bolts are still there, but the brackets are resting comfortably in the garage…with the shutters.

I do not “Believe” any do once they are installed and you are on the inside :frowning:

But…if removed at time of inspection and there is nothing but holes their No credit. Inserts or bolts are OK but just holes in masonry no good.

The facts:

A. this is an improper installation, if it is removable the anchors do not have the minimum edge-distance and are installed incorrectly. If is not removable, it is still installed incorrectly.

B. This type of system could never be “egressable”, I was just stating that is it possible to have an egressable system with a upper and lower track, and most manufacturer’s have this listed in the engineering sheets.

C. @Meeker: don’t for one minute think anything posted on this forum is personal, because it’s not. I have been called every name in the book here, yet most who have met me say I’m a nice guy. Don’t take things so personal.

Actually, those type of anchors (drop-in) are not rated for foot traffic…

Go to Miami/Dade Product Approval site and look up 12-0406.08
Then go to sheet 4 of 6 and look at details “S and T” labeled: optional interior fastening detail. Then read the detail note below.

That is an egressable panel installation, all manufacturer’s have it…

Removable tracks should not be installed with tapcons. Tapcons are really only good the first time you install one. A lead compression anchor with a sidewalk bolt is the preferred method to fasten tracks. I don’t usually recommend using tracks at all, especially when they are removed and reinstalled over and over. Mounting that track to a masonry window sill may not even be an approved installation (should be a standoff under the sill), but that would be another story.

With or without the track, the awning window is an egress issue unless there is an exterior door or larger window in that room.
Due to the opening size.

I’ve listed an awning window as a egress issue before from time to time and one buyer said"if this place catches on fire, I’m throwing my bedside table through that window and climbing out":shock::mrgreen:

Because Bill by you guys you mean me. **Wow, you must have a guilt complex or something. That statement was not aimed at you. If was aimed at all of the wind mit inspectors who think it is their job to ‘get’ people discounts, and will do anything, expect the proper legwork, to do it for them. If that is how you have build your business, then good luck to you.

**I will, hank you. Have to go an write my report from today. **