HVAC Disconnect

I am not able to identify the 2 orange conductors in the A/C disconnect box. Anybody know why they would be there? The condenser is about 10 years old.


Probably low voltage stat wires.

yes they would be the low voltage from the Stat to the compressor contactor and not allowed to be in the same conduit with the 220 volt in most areas

Stat wires not allowed to run in conduit in IL.

It’s a common misconception that LV Class 2 conductors can be run with power conductors in the same raceway if their insulation value is rated for the highest voltage within the raceway. Looks like those are 600 volt insulated condcutors. The NEC prohibits them in the same raceway because those control wires are rated as a Class 2 circuit which must be run separately.

This installation does not fit any of the permissions listed in this (B) through (I):