Hvac height in garage

I see about prohibition of bathrooms but which part explains why in that code book ?

Which code book is that from ?

You have moisture entering the system, as Bob said negative pressure from mechanical exhaust (if there is one) and the Aroma (oder) from bath entering the return/supply.

That is from the 2006 International Residential Code pg 339

I suppose Uncle Aldo might have the skills to create enough methane to blow up the joint after a good burrito dinner.:eek:

Very clear I truly appreciate the wisdom , thanks

Think someone in the shower and the A/C/heater kicks on with a return air in the bathroom where does all the moisture go not out the exhaust fan because it is being over rode by a much larger CFM. Same principle with a kitchen exhaust fan which is larger do the math;-)

As for the bathroom; what do you thing happens when you shut the door?

Plumbing fixtures turn into mini-jacuzzi’s. great way to turn your toilet into a bidet! :wink:

George, though it may pass construction standards it is still “wrong” (For other reasons).