Open return (wet basemet) (toilet)

With the holidays approaching what do you say if anything about an open return in a wet, damp basement & bathroom.

I can smell it now. Uncle Buck takes an after dinner dump & while the guest are relaxing enjoying a ball game or family conversation everyone starts running to the exit!!

What do you say if anything?? (No exhaust or window in bath)

Additional, you could put an elbow on the laundry chute & dump them in the crapper (laundry on other side) Nice design!!

253913 049 (Small).JPG

LOL is that sink drain designed from the game of “Mousetrap” ?
Where is the vent for it ?

Here’s what I say. Thanks to Barry A.

“Please be advised that the return air location at ***** bath may intermittently affect the aroma of the air quality at other locations within this structure. My advice is to consult with your qualified HVAC specialist about relocating this return grill outside of the bathroom and sealing the original grill location.”

Love it!
That being said I would be more concerned with moisture and hidden mold in the return.

Here you are again return air can not be installed in garages, bathrooms or kitchens peroid Nata

Thanks Kevin.
We have been needing someone here with a little HVAC knowledge.

Mechanical Ventilation under
Recirculation of air. Exhaust air from a bathroom or toilet rooms shall not be recirculated within a residence or another dwelling unit and shall exhaust directly to the outside.

It is tied into the main DWV (not in picture).

I think the photo is the more applicable code.

This is for Mechanical Exhaust. Not return air.

True Christopher same applications applies and the reason I made in bold “Recirculation of air.”
Juan has carried on further to find what would apply fully in the same portion of IRC.