HVAC Inspector on site

Hey everyone -

I was inspecting a house yesterday and was about to go up and inspect the furnace when an HVAC Inspector that the client hired told me not to bother and he will include everything in his letter. I thanked him, let him do his thing and then proceeded to inspect it myself as well.

I assume that it was the right way to go about it but figured I would raise the question here - if you client gets an HVAC inspection completed as well and that inspector is present at the same time you are, do you all disclaim it and cite the fact that a licensed inspector checked it out or do you continue going through your normal routine?

I know you obviously don’t take sellers at their word when they something was fixed/replaced/etc but wasn’t sure if this was any different since it is a pro also hired by your client.

Thanks and I hope that everyone is staying safe and is doing okay financially through everything going on right now!

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If you and your client agreed (in writing) to leave the HVAC out of your inspection and report you could. Otherwise I would test/inspect it as usual.


I would not take the word of a technician regarding what I agreed to inspect for and with my client.

I think you did it well, Brian, by inspecting the furnace as agreed. :smile:


Most likely the “HVAC Inspector” was a technician or maybe even the owner of an HVAC company to check out the unit. I know I have called out issues in even new homes were the “Licensed” People screwed up something, and no City Code Inspectors are going to check half the stuff we do or find wrong… …Like this for example…Capture2 Capture3 or

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I get a lot of “I brought my uncle Larry the plumber” at my inspections. Occasionally, it’s a paid professional. I’ve had them back me up in front of the client/agent which is nice because it saves me time being cross-examined.

I always do my inspection as usual unless the client specifically asks for an inspection limited to a certain area.

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You did the right thing. What he does has nothing to do with your job and what you are expected to do. It was not his place to tell you not to bother.

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