Duct Mold

Anyone here run into a situation where you refer an HVAC tech for repairs only to have them tell the homeowner they have mold in the ducts trying to sell them a complete system?

Some types of ducts can be cleaned . My first question to the HVAC contractor would be how do you know its mold did you test it. :wink:

Exactly. I told one that if I end up in Court so will you. I went back and did a swab inside the duct that he cut open. Came back Cladiosporium non toxic. Just a duct cleaning needed. A real good way to get your tail in a sling.

There are always contractors that like to throw HI’s under a bus trying to make themselves look good or just to scam a client. I steam roll those kind:D

This is discussed in another thread:

Oh really!?

So you “require” the seller to have it further investigated and they call somebody that replaces roofs. He says you need a roof (because that is what he does).

Or; he says there’s nothing wrong with the roof and gives the seller an invoice.

In the first case you should be inspecting the home in accordance with why are there. The real estate contract. Every thing will be in working order. Doesn’t matter how old it is, does it work?

It doesn’t need to be replaced if it works.

In the second case, whose in the pay the invoice when there’s nothing wrong and you said there might be? Maybe the seller will pay for it anyway, but your name is now crap. So much for the seller to ever consider you to inspect his new house…

“Recommend further evaluation…” Is for when something is definitely wrong but any further assessment requires intrusive or special testing that is outside the scope of the home inspection. Secondly it could be that you must fix it before it can be tested. Blown fuse; replaced the fuse and test the HVAC system completely while you’re there. Put it in your inspection report that it could not be tested because repairs required. There’s a big difference.

“I don’t think this is right and other home inspectors on the NACHI messageboard (whom have absolutely no clue because they were not there)”, is not a reason for further evaluation.

“I took a picture with my FLIR one and I see something…” Did you go back up in the attic and look? Will before you recommend further evaluation get your *** up there and look.

He did not say further evaluation he said he called for repairs???:wink:

Did you perform a mold inspection while doing a home inspection? If not, then who cares. If you are there in the capacity of a home inspector, not a mold inspector, and you find the HVAC system is dirty and needs service, then you report that and recommend a HVAC technician come out and clean. If he finds mold, great for them, at least you alerted your clients to a defect. I see you are in Florida and we both know, a fair amount of HVAC systems have some form of mold in them to some degree, it is Florida. If you where there to do a mold inspection, well that is a different story. We do in house termite, if I do a home inspection and see evidence of termites, I will recommend a termite inspection. If the client goes el’cheapo and chooses to not have a termite inspection and because we were there and CAN do a termite inspection but didn’t and later termites show up then I guess it sucks to be them. Home inspectors can not be termite inspectors.