HWH ?s

This from a one year warranty inspection. What do you think about the TPRV and the condensate line?

wHWH (6).jpg

wHWH (4).jpg

Discharge of the TPR line isn’t exactly visible is it?

This must be out in the country.

Looks like there’s a TPR drain line, A/C condensate line and HRV condensate line all going to a floor drain. All seems good to me but you folks seem to pay way more attention to the TPR drain/piping than we do up here; at least nothing is draining onto the floor…

TPR Discharge piping, 2003 IRC:

That also appears to be the drain for the HVAC condensation pan ('s). Was there a trap before that or after the point the TPR is inserted into the drain?

No drain pan for the HWH either in an area where leakage can cause damage. 2003 IRC:

Obviously the HWH and heater is gas fired. The room appears to be small. Has the area been checked for proper combustion air source?