I am looking to hire in Florida

Due to high demand we are growing. A busy home inspection company based in Tampa is looking for a new Part Time Home Inspector. A qualified candidate will have an active Home Inspector license in the state of Florida. Experience is preferred. This is a part time sub-contractor position. Pay is weekly and based on the number of inspection preformed. We will provide the software for report writing, E&O/General Liability Insurance, and uniforms. You are expected to have the tools needed to perform the inspection, reliable transportation to and from the job sites, a computer with internet access, and a digital camera. Please send resume and qualifications to admin@anyhomeinspection.net.


I want a mansion and a yacht :mrgreen:

We are hiring too.

I’ll work for chicken wings at Hooters…
As long as I can tip big!

How busy can you be? You have a “canned” website full of generic information applicable to anyone. No information about you or your company. Looks kind of suspicious.