I am really, really new here.

Marry a realtor or if you’re a fruitcake, find a fruitcake realtor to bend over for.:p:p

Well Gee Whiz Linas,

Are you available?

OK. Enough of the jokes. I am actually going to do my first inspection today. It’s on my own home, but it should give me a good starting point. Then it’s off to do my mom and dad’s, and then I have 2 friends that are letting me do their homes.

I will be contacting my Realtors today as well, so I hope to have some real, paying inspections soon.

Thanks for all the tips. I do appreciate it.

2 things. 1. My skin is not very thin. I don’t abide thin skin. I tell the truth, always. 2. Ernie, thanks for the invite. I have your number, and I will give you a call.

Best regards.

Michael, This is the best advice I can give you, I wrote this over a year ago after my first year in business. I need to update it now that I am into my third year.


Thanks Michael. Good info.

Mike, post on the HIP site that you’d like some ride alongs too. There’s a lot of users in our area. Also, think about coming down to San Diego for the 8 hour talk I’m giving on July 24th, it’s right off the 15.

Hello to the new guy! Good luck out there sir.

May you keep your professionalism intact at all times, keep your cool when pressed, be willing to research when you don’t know and remember someone trusted you when they hired you.

Awesome post, Linas! :mrgreen:

Hey Dom,

I will put it on my calendar. Thanks.

Cool, I look forward to seeing you down there Mike :wink:

Hey Dom,

I am being really thick here. What is “HIP”?

Home Inspector Pro


Join a BNI (Business Network International) or some other business networking group. The more people you meet the more the business will grow. Networking is so interesting because you never know who people know until you get to know them.

Welcome to Internachi!

Welcome and Good Luck

Welcome. I started a year ago yesterday. One of the best pieces of advice I got was, If you’re not working, get out and promote yourself. I’ve been using HIP and the agents really like the reports. And they like pictures. Networking works! But join groups that have a lot of realtors. Ask your realtor friends which MLS meetings they go to and join that group as an affiliate. You get to go to the meetings and pitch your service to the group.


Joining groups is what I have been doing. I joined the local Chamber of Commerce, as well as the local Board of Realtors. I actually attended my first meeting on Tuesday. As I was telling my wife, the more I get out and introduce myself, the more encouraged I am.

Also, I made a presentation to a Broker and his Agents yesterday. When I got home, I got a call and scheduled my first payed inspection for Monday. I am very excited about this business. It’s kinda fun too!

So. To all that have responded, and especially to Ernie Martinez, thank you very much.

Ernie’s a great guy. I’m glad you were able to hook up with him!

BTW… It’s really really hot right now, whether you’re new or old :slight_smile:

It always seems that when it’s really hot, the market is hot as well.

So much for relaxing by the poolside?