I am really, really new here.

good morning to all. i am a newbie here, and to this business. as with a lot of people, i lost my job of 25 years and am looking for a way to make some money. i landed on this industry, and am looking for any tips that someone might give.

i just joined internachi, and the instructions said to log onto the educational board. is this it?

best regards,



This is it. As an fyi, if you are looking to “make some money”, you’ve probably been listening to the hype at the home inspection schools… The reality is the market right now is REALLY, REALLY, BAD in most parts of the country. There are only a handful of inspectors out there that are even close to being booked 100% of the time. You will be very lucky if you land ONE inspection the first month. After that, it will get marginally better. You will probably be in business for about 2 to 3 years before you ever show any profit. So you might also want to look for another way to “make some money” as well.

This is the educational board. Welcome, and welcome to your first lesson.


thank you for your candor. actually, i have 4 brokers that are neighbors and former associates that have indicated they will give me some business. of course, after the first bone or two, my “bookings” will obviously be based upon my abilities. of that i am aware.

i see that you are in missouri. i am not aware of the business there, but here in california, there does seem to be folks buying homes. like i said, i’m sure i’ll have to prove myself. maybe i’m just an optimist.

again, thanks.


Mark has some very good points and a few bad ones. You will have to just learn being on here who is who and how they are. Nothing towards Mark; but we all thoughts and opinions on this business. Yes it’s VERY hard to get this deal rolling at first and with the down turn it’s even harder. The best thing I can say is do not give up…it’s a long road ahead but it can be done…far as 2 or 3 year to make a profit??? All I can say is it did not take me that long to see some green…IMO that’s a bunch of bull…again just my 2 cents. Everyone has their own situation ect. Stick to the basics and you don’t need all the high end tools to get this going. Start small and work your way up.

STUDY, STUDY, STUDY, did I say learn, study ect….you can never stop learning in this business the day you stop should be your last. NACHI is one of the best places you can learn….read and take all of their classes even before you think about doing your first inspection. When you think you’re ready for your first inspection, you’re not! Not trying to scare you but its true…know your game!

Also hope you’re not one of the many that did go to a school and they brain wash you in thinking you’re going to make thousands right out of the gate….that’s not always true maybe less than 5% will come right out and hit a home run…


thanks a lot. i have spent the better part of the last 3 months studying. i intend to continue that. a friend of mine put me together with an inspector out of my area, but who has about 15 years in the business here. his very first word of advise was to join this organization. i did. i am anxiously awaiting my basic tools, and have 4 “mock” inspections scheduled. i have also joined creia, and one of their criteria is to do at least 1 ride along. i’m looking forward to that.

i didn’t take mark’s comments negatively. it’s like when you try anything new, someone is always going to play the devils advocate. just makes me want to work a little harder to prove 'em wrong. at any rate, if i can do enough jobs to pay my bills during this 1st year, i’ll be a happy camper.

again, thanks for the words of encouragement.

Welcome Mike…

As Brian stated, you will decide for yourself who’s opinion to trust, and who’s to dismiss… including ‘his’. :p;)

2-3 years is an accurate number, assuming that you even survive that long. I don’t recall the numbers, but a large number of new inspectors go out of business before they ever hit year 3. :shock:

And Brian… “seeing some green” is not the same as making enough profit to cover expenses, and pay yourself a wage. The only color you want to see on the bottom line is Black! :mrgreen:

Good luck to you Mike.

thanks mark.

Hi Mike,

I’ll be giving a talk in Culver City (http://www.homeinspectorpro.com/inspector-forum/General-Discussion/2499-2-Hour-SEO-Talk-Culver-City-CA-June-16th/ )on Wednesday and in San Diego (http://www.homeinspectorpro.com/inspector-forum/General-Discussion/2501-2-Hour-SEO-Talk-San-Diego-CA-July-6th/ ) on June 6th about websites and how they play into your business. I highly suggest coming as for new inspectors websites are one of the biggest ways to get business. Others here can tell you how valuable this information is when you’re first starting out.

Are you ready for your first bit of criticism?

If you are going to write narrative reports, please use capital letters where needed and use spell check, it is your friend. Nothing brings down the industry more than sloppy writing or lazy grammar. Hone your writing skills, that is what your clients will see when they read your report. Just trying to help, no malice intended.

Dominic is one of the experts on this MB concerning Report Software, Websites, Computers, etc…

I strongly recommend you attend his seminar, and take all the advice he offers. I do not believe he has ever steered anyone wrong. Trust him!



Point taken. I don’t typically use correct capitalization when I’m on one of these boards because it is just quicker. Believe me, I will use the correct grammar whenever I do a report. Actually, grammar and spelling are 2 of my greatest peeves when it comes to reading these posts. As a matter of fact, I noticed that I misused a word earlier. I wrote “advise”, when I meant “advice”. Damn.

Grammar and spelling will typically give away one’s educational level very quickly.

Again, thanks for the critique. I am always open to constructive criticism.


I would not take anyones comments too negatively.
Anyone who attempts to start a new venture has to expect a reasonable amount of time that there will be no profit. Average standards state that time frame is 2 years as most businesses do fail in the first 2 years. This does not matter what you are attempting to start up.

Anyone attempting to start a new business and not lose money the first 2 years is setting their expectations too high. A good business plan can keep you on the right path. Set your goals and strive to achieve them.

My 2 cents:
of all the marketing tips and advice on this board, focus on your website, utilize Dominic and Nicks help in SEO and website design.

I’m going into my second year in this and every job that I have gotten has come from my website traffic.

Active Rain is great (if you have realtors in your area that actively use it).

Welcome Mike, Just concentrate on the positive, we are working in Calif. I try to make a new connection every day and that helps get the word out. As stated listen to Dom and use HIP if you can. I use one of his websites and I was listed on the front page of Google almost from day one. I only use my website to advertise. Best of luck :slight_smile:

Gary, you’re 20 minutes away. You coming Wednesday night? http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=105632486151447&index=1

Yes indeed.

Also remember, this board can give you a “face” in the public and in the Internet community - all of your posts will remain indefinitely, so it’s a good idea to use your writing skills from the get-go.

As previously mentioned, Dom is the one you want to know when it comes to your website and its Internet visibility. He also has a great software for report writing, and it’s quite affordable.

Use this board to bounce questions off other inspectors. You may need thick skin if you’re offended easily, but you’re sure to get the answers your looking for.

The market in CA keeps me very busy - the work is there for those willing to work for it.

I will try to make it Dom, it’s about time I get out of the house after dark :slight_smile:

Mike - Welcome - Need to go on a ride along? Give me a call I will be more than happy to show you through the motions. I get about 3 to 4 inspections a week as they vary from time to time and at times it comes in bunches as everyone wants it at the same time. I am based in rancho Cucamonga.

Ernie Martinez, Eyeball Inspections
909 563-0461

LOL. Good it will be good to see you there :wink: I mapped it and it’s only 20 minutes from your house. No excuses as I’m driving an hour!

Welcome everythng you need is on the board and in the videos and books. You are on a curve with all this it will take 2 years to get up to speed.

STick around.