I am visiting Isabela

I am coming to Isabela Jan 17 through Jan 22 for an extended family anniversary gathering. I would be interested in meeting with one or more inspectors just to share stories if anyone is available. Perhaps I can follow along on an inspection. I will begin my 15th year in the business in 2014 and always enjoy learning new ideas and seeing how others run their business. Let me know.

You can call us when your here and we will be more than happy to meet you and share any stories. (787) 690-0512. I have a new class starting on Saturday January 18th in Caguas Government Center and you can come an motivate new future inspectors if you want to.

Mark - Your welcome here…I have no freakin idea where Isabela is…but if its near me. Come on down!

Mary, Thank you. My family event is Saturday evening in San Juan, what time is your training at the Caguas Government Center. Mark

Russell, Isabela is West of San Juan…I just got back from Thanksgiving festivities in Tarpon Springs. I would enjoy a trip to see your operation…I will keep it in mind when planning my next trip to Florida. Mark