I am visiting Isabela

(Mark Raumikaitis, CMI, IAC2, NH Lic #133) #1

I am coming to Isabela Jan 17 through Jan 22 for an extended family anniversary gathering. I would be interested in meeting with one or more inspectors just to share stories if anyone is available. Perhaps I can follow along on an inspection. I will begin my 15th year in the business in 2014 and always enjoy learning new ideas and seeing how others run their business. Let me know.

(Mary F. Ayuso) #2

You can call us when your here and we will be more than happy to meet you and share any stories. (787) 690-0512. I have a new class starting on Saturday January 18th in Caguas Government Center and you can come an motivate new future inspectors if you want to.

(Russell J. Hensel) #3

Mark - Your welcome here…I have no freakin idea where Isabela is…but if its near me. Come on down!

(Mark Raumikaitis, CMI, IAC2, NH Lic #133) #4

Mary, Thank you. My family event is Saturday evening in San Juan, what time is your training at the Caguas Government Center. Mark

(Mark Raumikaitis, CMI, IAC2, NH Lic #133) #5

Russell, Isabela is West of San Juan…I just got back from Thanksgiving festivities in Tarpon Springs. I would enjoy a trip to see your operation…I will keep it in mind when planning my next trip to Florida. Mark