I don't think funding forced sterilization of women in China will help our economy.

But hey, what do I know? http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090123/ap_on_go_pr_wh/obama_abortion_ban

Fewer Chinese workers / consumers to compete with North Americans? I’m just sayin’ . . . . .

It’s nuts. The U.S. is printing money 24/7. It needs to spend that money on only those things that will boost the economy now. Each dollar spent has to result in 10 dollars of economic stimulus… othewise, shut the printing presses down.

Well here we go. You can expect more of that kind of crap from Obama. It just really chaps my hide.

It’s basic economics…

We will spend our way to prosperity

40 Million is a drop in the bucket that will not even buy a black hawk
and just maybe birth control would reduce world hungry if it helps why not
they are not just talking abortion btw but birth control

Wayne is right;

40 Million here, 40 million there and soon you are talking " REAL " money.:smiley:

I think that the Pro-Death Movement is shooting itself in the foot and that Obama’s abortion-on-demand ethos will actually lead to more restrictions.

Under Reagan-Clinton-Bush you either had a Republican President and a Democrat Congress or vice versa. That led to a certain detente between the combatants. They were both unhappy and consoled themselves with the fact that the enemy was unhappy, too.

With the Dems poised to steamroller them, the Pro-Lifers will be energized in a way that the Left has not seen in a generation.

I wonder how many will adopt aids or crack babies?

I am not aware of any children, so-afflicted, who are languishing on the adoption market. Are you? If there were, you can be dead certain that the Pro-Death media would be running look-at-these-hypocrites documentaries in a continuous loop.

Historically, the Pro-Lifers have been exemplary stand-up citizens when it comes to adopting children with severely compromised physical conditions.

Uh…don’t try that at home.:roll:

I tried–it didn’t work…:(:frowning:

but it was sure fun for a while.:D:D:D

Now, you tell me, Jae??!!


we have a show here every week with kids waiting for parents ( mostly with handicaps)


Might want to check this out

China used to have a huge drug problem. Then it began to execute drug addicts. End of problem.

But we have lawyers here that are willing to defend drug offenders and dealers, China also looks the other way when female babies are left to die. China also has child labor, Glad we are not in china .
Not in total disagreement about pro life . If abortion laws where more supervised Like you get one with out questions ,More than that get tubes tied. If your on welfare you should not be allowed to have any more other words no extra money for more kids after your get welfare
Fathers that are repeat offenders of getting girl friends pregnant then not supporting Get fixed. But i am sure that that would be not constitutional and would be challenged by lawyers. Education about birth control and birth control programs would be a lot easier and cheaper in the long run. IMHO

Even billions may not help.