What Obama needs to learn...

The government has no money. It can only get money by:

  1. Printing it. Every dollar he prints devalues every existing dollar, and so printing money is just a cute way of taking it from us.(what money we have is worth less).

  2. Borrowing it. Every dollar he borrows leaves less money for businesses to borrow and so worsens the credit problem (what money we can borrow is more expensive).

  3. Taxing for it. Every dollar he takes in taxes leaves less money in the economy (what money we earn is taken).

What Obama should do is: Stop printing, stop borrowing, and cut taxes. Especially cut taxes. Cutting taxes puts money directly into the economy next week with no government overhead.

Now if only the Republicans had learned that during the 8 years they ruined our economy , by taking a surplus and driving our country to where it is today.

Thank goodness we have someone who knows what he is doing, and not listening to the peanut gallery that got us here.

Oh he ‘knows what he is doing’ alright . . . . . . comrade.


First he was a Muslim terrorist now he is a Communist . Good grief he is the American President . LOL, you fellows stretch a bunch. I heard Canada is sending people down here to take over why every body is pointing fingers at each other LOLOLOL
First it your Game shows, Then your music Slide a few comedy shows in. Then introduce Maple Syrup BINGO it is all over but the free medical care .


What has been stretched on this thread about BHO? Would you stand up in a similar way for GWB?

Just wondering,


Right on.

In the start i would give him a chance (GWB), but after 4 years i would make a assessment if things had to be changed or not ( not after a month) I do believe the stretch is calling each comrade is going to be the future ,This is not the Cold War in the 50’s and 60’s
I do remember doing the hide under the desk routine which we we all told to save us from the bomb) Now that is a joke .
I am sure if things work out in the next 4 years No one will retract stupid statements will they . If they do not work then it is up to American;s to change PS do not wait 8 Years we already seen what happens

Hi Wayne,

Comrade is such a friendly term. Why would that need to be retracted.

Far worse has been said of everyone that does not agree with the socialist agenda of today’s liberal left wing democrats. Not the democrats of the 50 and 60’s Cold War era. JFK had enormous stones and CUT TAXES.

The same can not be said of the 70’s and beyond cold war democrats. Especially the peanut farmer.

I don’t see why someone has to wait 4 years or more to make an assessment. The left hated GW from the get-go, and did not even wait until he was the President. I think this was partly in response to an impeachment and partly due to the inability to massage enough votes to defeat him in Florida, “Key Largo” style.

When there was talk of “stealing an election”, did you think that was a stretch, since at no time did algore have a lead in votes in that state?

Just curious,

Comrade Bill :mrgreen:

LOL No i did not think it was a stretch in a Bush run state but i did see reports that people where slowed or even stopped to vote in FL Curious enough in areas that where in democrat area’s The at least the peanut farmer was honest. I am saying everyone needs a time zone . BTW i did not ask for comrade to be retracted . I just think some individuals use it to be well Condescending , I am wondering what is socialist Liberial in your oppion adfordable health care Adfordable drugs ,like most of the world perhaps? Comrade ( just being Friendly)
Here is what it means for Americans

  • In the United States, the word “comrade” carries a very strong connotation of being associated with Communism, Marxism-Leninism, and the Soviet Union in general. Especially during the Cold War, to address someone as “comrade” marked either the speaker, person addressed, or both as suspected communist sympathizers. It is frequently used ironically in that way. Besides that, it is still used in its generic context*clarification needed*] by some American socialists.

Comrade Wayne, :twisted:

In this thread it seems the term comrade was used jokingly. It was amusing.

The Florida baloney is over. GW is over. The peanut farmer was a waste of four years and took many more to recover from. Especially from a military point of view. He should just build houses and keep his trap shut. Never had there been a former president that talked poorly of any other president.

I have no objection to affordable health care…but why is it so expensive today? Trial lawyers and lawsuits. You think e&o is high? How about malpractice insurance? Guess who is a lawyer? BHO. And liberals in DC love their trial lawyers.

Can you tell me one place that health care is affordable and DECENT? If the rest of the world’s health care systems are soooooo superior, then why do people come to this country for it?

Maybe some our Canadian comrades can explain the superior system they have to me.

And Wayne, I am just funnin’ with you. I did not intend to veer this thread into a political debate.

Have a great day,


Bill no Offense taken
BTW i am a Canadian
LOL yes i one of those damn immigrants taken American jobs
The health system is not perfect in Canada but is worthy looking at, At least everyone as the ability to get help , My neighbor here had to sell their home which was in the family for 100 Years Yes they didn’t manage their affairs that well but when Their health slipped they became doomed
We pay close to 900 a Month for my family . IMHO that is not affordable
then when you use it there is the co pay thing which usually adds up to 1500 or more after thing is done.
And people do come here for medical help also but many Americans go to other countries for help too.
I refer to that crazy guy Moore i think, He took the 911 workers to Cuba to get some medical help for one example , He pointed out that the terrorist that are held there where getting better service than the 911 workers I know that is a extreme but it does happen . Anyway i hope things do get better and i really believe it does not matter who is in this time no one has every seen this before other the the Great depression Which can not be even compare to these times . (different problems different options)
Have a good day
and was good getting the old brain in gear Take care stay safe :wink:


I wish you guys were this excited when all the factories moved to
Mexico and on to Asia.

So in love with Regan and then Greenspan were the majority ,that they failed to see how short term white collar gain would destroy us in the long run.

This country was built on sweat, and not a bunch of fat jerks sitting around waiting for stocks to rise.

Pyramid schemes are more fundamentally sound than the Republican values shoved down Americas throat for much of my adult life

Republicans screwed up the country,now sit the h-ll down and shut up while we sweep out the c-ap… (you had your turn)Losers.

I see your link with the

Your turn LOLOL:twisted:


Asian factories have been churning out cheap stuff far longer than the terms of the two you would suggest drove them there.

As far as mexico goes, the slick one signed and ratified NAFTA, though GHWB started it. I don’t like it either. Did you get excited?

The only one’s that seem “excited” by this thread are lefties. In particular, FAR LEFT liberals.

Greenie was the slick one’s man too you know.

How do you suggest this country will become stronger as a welfare state with the socialist agenda that is on the near horizon?

And what is your evaluation of the peanut farmer’s tenure?

Lefties are funny. Complain when criticism comes to one of their own but pile on the coals when it is happening to someone they disagree with.

Have a glorious day,


Now that is amusing Wayne. A bit misguided perhaps, but amusing none the less. :mrgreen:


Nick starting this post for the second time, and not responding to it*,* is another example that this message board is dying a slow death.

Also it should be in the members only section.

Funny how you guys complain before anything gets done.

Sit Boy. :slight_smile:

I notice many of the helpful posters are missing.:neutral: