I finally antyed up!

I’ve been learning at this site now for a couple of years and have now decided to become a member. Some how my name was mis spelled but we will take care of that soon enough.:smiley:

Welcome Aboard.

Mis spelled is ok… as long as it is not spelled “miss” you should be okay

Name fixed!

Name fixed


There now…don’t you feel better? :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome! :smiley:

Welcome aboard… finally. Better late than never :smiley: .

Hey Nick my name is correct now in my profile,but not here. How can I get this fixed?

Glen welcome to NACHI.

Thank you for the welcome.

Hey my name is fixed!! Thanks Nick.

Welcome to the wonderful world of NACHI, best choice you’ll ever make.

Did you chaps vote at


Only members can vote.