Title Change.....

Well since my title changed from a InterNachi Member to a Certified Professional Inspector without my knowledge…I will cease to answer questions because I am no longer a member of NACHI it seems.

Have at it BOYS…you can visit me over on www.MasterTheNEC.com

FYI- InterNACHI (Nick) I was Member of the Year at one point and my membership was for LIFE…guess i am dead now as my title changed.

Chris is updating the system things have been all jacked up.

No big deal Paul, we all know who you are. There are still some screw ups on the forum.

Nick Gromicko, Certified Master Inspector
President, Contractors Association
Author, How to Run a Successful Home Inspection Business
Founder, InterNACHI
Owner,Nick Gromicko General Contract

For some I guess it is still Inachi Member;

Samuel D. Fetty, CPI Samuel D. Fetty, CPI is online now
InterNACHI Member

Taylor Moffitt, CPI Taylor Moffitt, CPI is online now
InterNACHI Member

Mike Kirchner Mike Kirchner is offline
InterNACHI Member

Mark Forums Read;

Robot.jpg Error, Error, Error.

Mine says InterNACHI Member, but I have the CPI designation.

I think you have to log out and log back in for it change.

All is good now!

I’m not thrilled with mine…

Just posting to see what us non-members are now called. :roll:

Maybe it is time for you to join Robert and join all of us CPI’s. ;):slight_smile:

Cry baby geek! LOL!

No change for me. :mrgreen:

Just posting to see if my title changed.

How is my lic. number SEO friendly?

CPI is a registered trade name here in Canada through British Columbia. Not allowed to use it anywhere else in Canada. Just saying.

Leave it to OTHER forum guys to make fun of my “Tongue in Cheek” statement…lol…figures

Do we all REALLY think I care…what I am called…lol…just found it funny and wanted to prove a point…and I did.

Some things never change…oh wait…yes they do…lol…My Title…:wink:

Oh wait…now I am not even a CMI anymore…GREAT…lol

NAH…your still just a guest:mrgreen:

Ahhh…it’s back again…lol…(Bored…sorry)…no wait…disappeared again

Paul is the “certified electrical guru”!! ha ha:)

I’m Certified Something…ask around…:wink: