I guess the electrician mistook the G for an A

All of the bedrooms (4) and smoke alarms in this brand new home were protected with GFCI breakers.

Oops, a is for almost and g is for the difference in cost between the two.

Good catch, around here you don’t see GFCI’s at panel very often, older home for Bath/Ext/Gar or a spa once in awhile.

That is a beautiful catch. Nice. :slight_smile:

On a Square D all you need to do is notice the color of the test button. The AFCI is either white or blue depending on the type of AFCI. The GFI has been yellow for years.

Yep…the new AFCI/GFCI CB’s have a new purple button.

Wouldn’t it have been nice to have a uniform standard for the color of the button. :roll:

There’s no fun in that for us. :wink:

Actually I “discovered” these with my 3-light tester while checking receptacles in a bedroom for correct polarity/grounding. Plugged in the tester and the breaker tripped.

I hadn’t looked at the panel yet.

You mean all the manufacturers agree to a single color…not hardly. However, maybe the other manufacturers will follow the purple button lead…but probably not.

Not exactly, a standard, like the NEMA configurations for receptacles. :wink:

Square D also uses a green test button…

Man, that is a good catch Christopher.

Thanks Nick.

There was a total of 4 GFI breakers, all labeled for bedrooms/smokes. No AFCI’s installed.

Looks nice though :slight_smile:


Good catch. Man I wished new panels around here looked this nice

Well…that’s asking a lot since it would not be part of any standard and while NEMA brings together all manufactures to the table for product standards they don’t dabble in feature uniformity.

Kinda like NM Cable Sheathing Colors…no standard for While, Orange, Yellow and Black but its an unspoken agreement…so if that can happen I guess their is always hope that buttons will follow…:wink: