I had a request to do a rental unit.....

I have this fellow who is renting this duplex not far from me. His elect bill has been running $500 per month and he blames it on bad insulation and a/c. He has asked me to inspect the attic and a/c. On something like this what kind of form should be used or should I tell him I need to do a full inspection and use the TREC form? I’d kind of feel more comfortable doing a full inspection but wondered what other Texan inspectors think.
I did tell the fellow that it wouldn’t be a code inspection and I couldn’t force the owner to make any repairs. He’s ok with that but wants a report so as to present the owner with documentation from a incensed inspector so maybe he can get the owner to fix things.
Any help appreciated!

I don’t know the laws for inspections in TX but I don’t think you being incensed will help any. :slight_smile:

I get these requests from time to time from renters but never end up doing them once they hear the price. I always wonder about these type of people. Why would they be motivated to pay for an inspection (limited or not) when they could use that money on a deposit for a new place to live?

Anyway, this type of inspection is not part of a real estate transaction so no need for a full TREC report. You could just write up a paragraph or two on your letter head and give it to the client.

I agree with John. Since this type of inspection is not for a Buyer or Seller of real property then TREC is not involved nor concerned with the ‘inspection’. Use whatever report for you like.


TREC does not apply if the property is not being sold

You could have some liability with the owner. There may some dispute going on you are not being told about. Could be more trouble than it’s worth. Picture this. Guy breaks the lease based on your inspection. Who is the owner going to be mad at?

I agree with Mike and John. I occasionally do an inspection on a home that is not involved in a real estate transaction. I generally charge based on my hourly rate and give a verbal report (rarely written). TREC is not involved.

Why not do it as a consultant and charge a per/hr fee. I do…and its 175.00 for 2hrs

Like I and others stated in earlier posts, TREC is not concerned nor involved in inspections or whatever you want to call them unless they involve the buying or selling of property. There are some ambiguous areas of the laws & rules (imagine that) and even TREC is not completely sure of their role and responsibility in certain instances. TREC filed a Request for Opinion with the Texas Attorney General’s office a while back to try and clarify the specific question they have. The AG is expected to render an opinion sometime in the 4Q and is also expected to confirm that TREC only has jurisdiction over properties being bought or sold but that is not guaranteed at all.

I have had the same thing happen from renters. Once they hear the price they don’t call back. If I’m the renter I’m just going to wait out the lease and get out of there. If its that bad then lose the deposit and move on. Other than AC not cooling or electrical sparking the rest should be manageble. Roof and plumbing leaks just put a pan down and leave the damage alone. Thats usually the top 4!