Another one....

I have in my hands yet another report generated here in Texas, this one within the last month or so, on the wrong report form. This inspector has a TREC# in the 8000 range, doesn’t he know better? How are these guys getting away with using the wrong forms on real estate transactions?? The last one I looked at back in November the inspector’s TREC# was in the 6000 range and was on an outdated form. Do these guys just thumb their noses at regs?

I suspect they just don’t know better nor care much. One of the biggest TREC issues is that they do a fairly poor job of communicating to the inspector, remember they do not collect e-mail addresses and snail mail budget is pretty much zero. So, it is up to the inspector to sign up at the website for the TREC electronic newsletter (that’s the only way TREC can get an inspector’s e-mail address) or to attend a NACHI, TAREI, TPREIA or ASHI chapter meeting. Way less than 1/2 of the active inspectors attend any of those meetings. Your only recourse at this point in time is to 1) let the inspector know personally via e-mail or a phone call that he is using an outdated form or 2) file a formal complaint with TREC and let them investigate it ( I suspect a complaint like that would drop to the bottom of the pile though).

What’s the point of rules if no one, and it appears TREC as well, cares?
Oh well going to do my best to turn it into a positive. I’m doing the inspection this afternoon and have promised a better and better looking report. The last guy used a 4 point template with only 1 picture, 6 pages and the first 2 were disclaimers. I think I can do better :wink:
Thanks Mike!

Just spoke with a Realtor friend and she tells me this is VERY common as she sees it all the time. Then she went on to gripe about how some Realtors REALLY like this type of report and how this reflects poorly on agents and inspectors alike.

George, like we talked about on the phone, I’ll get with you to get some more information and we can determine what, if any, action to take.