I joist rot in crawl space

Came across an issue on this afternoon’s inspection. The I joists throughout the crawl space have significant moisture damage to the bottom chords. Some signs of moisture but no soft areas on the webbing. The top chord is covered with spray foam. Most (3/4) have had some form of modifications such as removal of the bottom chord and replacing with strapping that is screwed into the webbing, some chords are wrapped in strapping over the rot! Not getting into the moisture, lack of ventilation, fact that the seller stated the only issue they have had was some damage to the main beams (also wrapped but these with chunks of pt) from a porcupine living under the house……
I recommended a structural evaluation (engineer and contractor) plus a visit from an extreme exterminator. If this porcupine is able to create this much moisture rot he needs to be captured and studied.
Comment freely as I am just posting for fun. I walked the buyer and their agent through the space and have sent the limited report

i-joists are very sensitive to moisture damage. The web is glued into the top and bottom flanges and any damage moisture or physical is cause for concern. I can design a repair for some physical damage, but once moisture and/or rot occurs there is no option other than replacement.

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