I now have 7,500+ connections (mostly home inspectors) on my Linkedin page.

Connect with me: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nick-gromicko

I have linked but rarely use it…anyone got a down and dirty primer on how to use it to generate leads?

This LinkedIn thing is awesome. I didn’t know it until this morning but you can send and receive messages like Facebook, even better. Talking with Joe Tedesco this morning.

Brian Shriver, I’m not for sure how to generate leads on LinkedIn but whatever I’m doing is working. Dan Cullen from Domicile Consulting LLC in Chicago added me on Alignable, a free site for exchanging customer referrals, recommendations and gaining business insights from local business owners. This thing is awesome. You can even have it target surrounding business owners, when you post something to your Facebook business page it goes directly to the other businesses.

If you want leads, do what I did. Go to Lowe’s and the Home Depot or your local lumber store. Start shopping but have some business cards on you. Wear your company shirt and make friends. I never meet a stranger. Talk, teach and laugh. I passed out a couple of business cards and the next thing I know, my phone is ringing off the hook. It works. Wishing you the best my friend.

Good tip! Thanks Michael.

I have 1220 connections but mostly radicals and party types. Lots of them are woman. No home inspectors though?

I can’t figure out what connections are good for.

I make inspection industry announcements there: https://www.linkedin.com/today/author/0_1Y10y1RqBvLBDvQcOGRdND?trk=prof-sm

Connect with me.


LinkedIn is a Professionals Network site, NOT a Social Marketing site. Once you learn the difference, and act accordingly, you will reap some benefits.

Search on the names of some of your top referring agents. Send them in Invite to connect with you. That gets the ball rolling. Then they can link back and also support you for your knowledge. Then you can see their connections and their connections can see you.