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As long as you continue to flood the Social Networks and this MB with CMI stuff, ain’t gonna happen.

Question: Why are you NOT doing this for InterNACHI? Members have been asking you for YEARS to do this. Why are we getting the short end of the stick?

CMI needs to be SEPERATED from InterNACHI completely.

Agree. I don’t want someone on my page telling people I am not a competent inspector because I am CPI not a CMI

You’re only hurting yourself. When you share inspection-related articles I have on my FB page, your FB gets more traffic from those interested in inspections. And like I said, 95%…more like 99% of the articles I put on my Facebook page have a “Find an Inspector” icon at the bottom of each article which leads directly to InterNACHI members including you: That’s verifiable by going to my FB page. And when you share the post, FB links to you directly. That’s the whole point of using social media to market your inspection business… and it works.

Yes, sometimes I post something about Radon and not all members offer radon. Sometimes I post something about CMI and not all members are CMIs. Sometimes I post something about Florida and not all members are in Florida. Don’t share those posts if they don’t help your business.

Then it gets better. When I happen upon you sharing one of my posts, I generally reply to your post with something nice about your inspection company and include the link back to your inspection website (not just your FB page but your inspection company’s website). This not only helps with direct click-thrus but also with your site’s SEO.

The idea isn’t to avoid spaces where your competitors are. If that’s your crazy strategy, stay offline altogether because your competitors are online. Your goal should be to be found when agents and consumers look for a home inspector. And so try to occupy as much internet shelf space as you can. Shelf space that is most likely going to be visited by someone who would hire or recommend you.