I want to make a Tankless Water Heater Template...Need help

Anybody have the check points that a Home Inspector should
be observing?

That way I can make a template…

Tankless water heater installations vary according to their venting requirements. It is important to change the filter(if equipped with a filter) on a regular basis to prolong the life of the unit. There are only a few manufacturers and you can get their installation guides online to use as guidance.

Have you watched the tank less water heater video from NACHI?


They have issues when used in larger homes. They are popular in Europe, because most apartments and homes are very small. Larger homes may require two or even three units. If so, multiple gas lines, meters may be needed.

Thanks for the heads up…I will look for the video.

The most common issues that I see are:

  • inadequate gas supply, especially on retrofits (your typical tankless unit requires 5 times the input BTUs of a tank type water heater);

  • improper handling of exhaust condensate drains on condensing type units (you need to be able to determine if a given unit is condensing type and make sure that it has a proper drain configuration).

Also, be aware that these are all UL listed devices, as are their exhaust systems. These are not conventional “B” vents and have their own specific requirements detailed in the installation manual. The direct venting units typically have a zero clearance requirement to combustibles.

Here’s a consumer oriented article I wrote a while back http://homecert.com/GoingTankless.htm.

Thanks Chuck