Navien tankless Water Heater

Here we have a tankless water; Navien model NPE-180S. While tankless water heaters are great for saving energy and space, they do require regular maintenance. Some of the items to be completed are cleaning the Inlet water filter, recirculation inlet filters, and air intake filters. A more complicated procedure is flushing the heat exchanger. I may consider offering this service, as almost every home in my sub division is outfitted with one of these types of water heaters and probably don’t want the hassle of doing this themselves.

Side hustle during slow times.

You have to be a certified manufacture’s technician to service most tankless systems. Very complicated and not your “usual” WH service. You should look into further to be sure you’re qualified.

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Great idea, Brian! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Well, I am a retired Industrial Instrumentation and Analyzer Technician so I will do my homework and be sure that I have a thorough understanding of the systems that I service.

Brian Werckman

you would need to buy a flush kit, includes a bucket, hoses, pump and de-scaler.
then the only thing you need for each water heater is the de-scaler. the units must have the correct type valves installed, which turn off the water to the unit, but allow hoses to hook up to pump the de-scaler through the unit. then flush with clean water. turn the water back on and you are good to go.

:clap: Hey, go for it. If the cost of additional liability insurance affords you to profit from it, why not?

I’m curious what are your local laws for servicing plumbing fixtures without a plumbing license? I need to have a license through the state and a business license through the city.

If you’re going to service a tankless water heater for commercial purposes you may want to research this a little bit more.

I can tell you from experience every manufacture has a very different sequence of steps when performing a water heater flush.

Some manufacturers automatically kill the water heater when it’s time to service. The homeowner must come out and reset it. It will continue to happen until a technician resets the water heater. Only a factory trained technician knows how to reset the factory setting.

Are you willing to add chemicals into somebody’s potable water supply system?

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