I60 for sale

Hay guys I’m selling my Flir I60 camera. I’m up grading, It has all the software, charger & USB cords. It comes in a hard case, and it has a Flir holster for that make and model camera it was a $175. This camera is like new. This camera sells new at $7999 + tax. I have only had it since June it is a great camera but my needs has change for a upgrade. I’m selling every thing for $6100 to pay off my lease. If I dont sell this I’m going to buy a new camera anyway. Looking like next week when tax refund gets here. I’m going to tie both lease together for one payment… Then keep it for a spare if not sold… Please feel free to call if you want. 317-281-3503 or email me artschlangen@pdmpro.com

tks ART


Why, Art just likes to give the government an interest free loan. He overpays.

In that case the govt. don’t have to audit him. Smart cookie, hey?

Ya, no sh it Russ!

Time is running out… going to start paper work next week… please give me a call if you are thinking about this unit… Regards… Art